Lento Bio’s lead asset for Presbyopia

LB-01, Lento Bio’s lead asset, is a small molecule capable of significantly reducing lens stiffness. Natural protective thiols such as glutathione must be imported into our lenses to maintain quality control of long-lived crystallin proteins. With age, levels of these compounds in the lens is reduced, leading to lens stiffening and presbyopia. LB-01 is designed to optimally penetrate the difficult barriers of the cornea and lens, enabling it to take over lost quality control functions. In 8-month old mice, 1-month long eyedrop treatment resulted in 68% restoration of lens stiffness* lost to aging (from that of a 2-month old mouse).

LB-01 is designed to be taken as an eyedrop. Unlike with miotic eyedrops, clearance of existing crosslinks/aging damage to the lens may lead to effects sustained upon cessation of treatment (at least until damage reaccumulates). Development and the design of ongoing studies is done with this in mind, with the goal of creating the most durable possible pharmaceutical treatment for presbyopia.

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*as measured by total axial diameter compression distance under weight